About us

In its efforts to promote and sustain an outstanding community, Bharat Sangh, a Non-Profit Organization was formed by senior, learned and well respected Indians to meet the social and cultural needs of Indians living in the Czech Republic.


Harmonious  living culture
The emphasis here is on consideration for others, with Indian Nationals residing in Czech Republic relating to each other in the spirit of mutual support and fellowship. The basis for all key decisions is the greater common good.
Organizational environment
Indian Nationals residing in Czech Republic  respect  the  rights  of  others.  They  also  willingly  and  voluntarily  conform  to  the byelaws, rules and operating guidelines of the Association standards and guidelines are applied consistently and uniformly, Residents  are  guided  in  their  actions  by  the   need  to  conserve  and  protect  the Integrity and Decorum of the society.


To act as a Cohesive Body representing the Ideologies of the Indian Nationals residing in Czech Republic in such a manner as to protect the legitimate rights, privileges and interest of all its Members, with prejudice, or favor to none.

To promote close co-operation between members and to render all possible advice and guidance to members.

All present or future Members, shall be subject to the regulations set forth in these Bye-laws – Signed by the Management Committee Members. The members will signify that these byelaws have been read and understood, are accepted, stand ratified and will be complied with at all times.

Executive Committee

Mr. Sumit Malhotra, President
Mr. Harpal Singh, Vice President
Mr. Shailesh Patil, General Secretary
Ms. Jana Patil, Cultural Secretary
Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Treasurer
Mr. Jacky Damwani, Executive Member
Mr. Prasanna Kulkarni, Executive Member