In its efforts to promote and sustain an outstanding community, Bharat Sangh, a Non-Profit Organization was formed by senior, learned and well respected Indians to meet the social, cultural and economic needs of all the Indians living and working in the Czech Republic.

“United We Fight” is a song of hope and a message of unity sung by many Indian artistes in English to the tune and notes of Indian classical music.

The same has been released by Indian Council for Cultural Relations, a body functioning under the Ministry of External Affairs, India.

Diwali 2019

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Under the environmental and health circumstances considering the outbreak of COVID19 and it´s social impact, Bharath Sangh Cz committee has decided to cancel the Holi 2020 program that was planned for 14th March this year.

Upcoming Events

  • Prague Holi 2020
    The colors of life come together to celebrate social togetherness symbolizing true virtues of simplicity and forgiveness. Tentatively proposed date : 14. Mar. 2020 […]
  • Navrati
    Navrati: The Festive rhythm of 9 nights that would break the sound barrier. Let you feet play to the enticing musical beats of Dandiya. Tentatively proposed date : 24. Oct. 2020 […]
  • Diwali
    Diwali: Festival Of lights. An inviting eve of galore and heart thumping music that let’s oneself flow into the a world of seamless joy. Tentatively proposed date : 21. Nov. 2020. […]

Navrati 2018