In its efforts to promote and sustain an outstanding community, Bharat Sangh, a Non-Profit Organization was formed by senior, learned and well respected Indians to meet the social, cultural and economic needs of all the Indians living and working in the Czech Republic.

Navratri 2021

The galentric eve of Navratri 2021 🌺🙏organized by Bharat Sangh Czech Repulic witnessed an overwhelming response from Indian diaspora coming from all distances. The program was honored by the presence of H.E Ambassador of India in Czech Republic Mr. Hemant H Kotalwar offering prayers and seeking blessings from the Goddess.
Pre-preparation event activities started from 1 pm on the day followed by the actual program initiation at 5pm which ran upto 9.30 pm.
The air was filled with immense passion, joy and an emphatic feeling of Oneness with estacy joyful cries of “once more” for the fast paced garba songs.
Closure of the program sparked with the award ceremony for the best performers , best attire and  followed by collection of sealed food packages as the offering give back to the diaspora.
BSCZ team conveys a sincere vote of thanks to everyone who blessed the occasion with their selfless support and the electrifying energy that glorified the event infinitely.
Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you all in our Diwali event on 6th November 2021.

Diwali 2019

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Under the environmental and health circumstances considering the outbreak of COVID19 and it´s social impact, Bharath Sangh Cz committee has decided to cancel the Holi 2020 program that was planned for 14th March this year.

Upcoming Events

Navrati 2018